Sunday, 11 November 2012


Is there a spirit world? 

Do we go there when we die? Do spirits exist? Can we communicate with them? Are those who believe such things mentally ill, or deluded? Is there any scientific evidence that can answer these questions? The answer to that last question is 'Yes' and here is the evidence that says not all those who hear voices are mentally ill.

Whether you are confused by your own mystical experiences or you are a serious enquirer into such phenomena then this trilogy and the material in this blog may be of interest to you.

The first book in this trilogy, The Tao of Natural Cycles, was initially written with uneducated naiveté when I first engaged in direct communication with a non-corporeal entity in the personage of Lao Tzu the ancient Chinese philosopher.

The second book in the series, DFE - Dark Force Entity, emerged from the need to convey a very important message to other naive sceptics in medicine and social service institutions by using a catalogue of true-life events that challenge modern beliefs about mental illness and spirituality. DFE is written as a fictional narrative with the kind of creative expression that is denied in clinical reporting. DFE is currently under revision and will be available for pre-publishing review in the very near future.

The third book in the trilogy, The Science of Spirit Possession, was the hardest to write because of the need for serious scientific research and academic rigour. Using the scientific conceptual framework of the 19th century researcher Frederic Myers, one of the founding fathers of the Society for Psychical Research, The Science of Spirit Possession is a doctoral thesis that challenges modern scientific thinking with regard to spirit communication and the soul, and poses the question, 'how do you know what you think you know?'

By using the three very different writing styles of naïveté, creativity and academic rigour,  I hope I have given a very difficult subject a range of expressions that will contribute to a wider understanding of a pluralistic, multi-dimensional universe and our place in it.

Enjoy your read and let me know what you are reading.

Thank you.

Terry Palmer


  1. These books sound VERY INTERESTING. I think these subjects appeal to everyone in some shape or form regardless of their beliefs. I've had a very real experience. My true story of being held captive in Iran, the night before we escaped someone touched me on the shoulder, I jerked around but no one was there. Then I heard a voice that said "Lori your going home" I knew no one could have said that or KNOWN that. The next night we were on our way out of the camp for a two day trip through the hills back to Shiraz. My website is My blog is My book is available on Amazon.
    Your blog is very interesting, just PR it ALOT, you will get a LOT of followers I'm sure of it.
    Thanks Lori

  2. I agree with Lori in that your books sound very interesting. I have had two spiritual encounters - one in our first home and the other the night after my father passed away. It is very intriguing how you have incorporated the different writing styles of naïvety, creativity and academic rigour. Started following you and look forward to reading more.

    My blogs are Awakenings, which supports my new book

    and catnipoflife my inspirational website

  3. Thank you Sharla. In response to your intrigue about three different writing styles, they represent an initial awakening (book 1)which is followed by a process of resistance and acceptance (book 2) and then continued spiritual and intellectual development (book 3). When I wrote The Silent Witness in 1994 I knew nothing, and the inspiration of that first book gave me the motivation to get myself educated at the age of 47. I knew then that no one would ever believe me when I told them that I had been having long conversations into the night with Lao Tzu through a young man who sat in trance and allowed himself to become 'possessed' by the spirit of the ancient Taoist sage. That original manuscript has been amended many time since 1994 and I am still not finished with it yet. However, now is the time to get it seen by others, not because it represents my own awakening, but because of the important message it contains about access to Universal Knowledge and ALL religious and spiritual teachings. Thanks for your Awakenings addresses. I have already begun to follow you.

    Thanks for your support and encouragement.


  4. Dear Terry,
    I finally got round to checking this site out, following your message from LinkedIn. Splendid work. I can't claim to be writing a book as your previous two commentators are. Though as you know I have had a number of, let's call them 'wider reality' experiences, including before and after my father's death - which perhaps I should collate and publish. And I will always remember when we first met at that conference, when you felt you had really attended in order to meet me, for I was the conduit for you to meet the Dao people coming to London later on, a happening with its own curious exigencies, as you will recall!

    Keep going, Terry, I'm for you all the way!


  5. Dear Clement. I forgot to mention that there was another reason for attending the conference where we first met. My paper is being published in the collection of papers entitled, 'Diamonic Imagination'. I'll let you know when it is released.


  6. Nice site and nice work on your book.


  7. Yes, the proposed book looks interesting, and worthwhile. I hope it sells well.Also, I liked the bibliography.

    As a side issue my project may be of interest.

  8. Thank you Robert. The rigid constraints of mainstream science are loosening and there is a definite paradigm shift emerging, especially with regard to the esoteric, the mystical and the spiritual.