The Science of Spirit Possession

What we believe is irrelevant. What is important is the reality that transcends beliefs.

The day will come when the scientific facts conveyed in this book will be taught to every medical student in the civilised world. 

The book is now in its second edition with a hard back and a smaller edited paperback version direct from Cambridge Scholars Publishing (Amazon are far too expensive). Click on the cover image below to get your copy. Be sure to get a 20% discount by entering the code 'spirit20' at the final checkout.


  1. I suggest the spiritual phenomenon known as "twin flames", which has been quite active in Humanity over the past years.

    "Twin flames" are said to be "one soul in two bodies". Typical features of these units are: telepathy, shared dreams / astral connections, various spiritual phenomenon.

    It certainly is possible for a human being to be animated by an other source.

  2. Dear Dr. Palmer

    I'm the owner of a Spiritist blog in English and recently saw someone on Facebook commenting your recent Phd thesis about SRT. Then, I decided to write a small 'review' about it here:

    There will be a Portuguese version of this post in January 2013.

    I thank you very much for your increadible work. People in Brazil would be very interested in reading this thesis in Portuguese...

    Ademir Xavier

  3. Thanks to Dr. Thomas Zinser for this endorsement:

    The Science of Spirit Possession is a book for anyone who seriously wants to examine the question of whether spirits exist and whether they can negatively affect a person emotionally and psychologically. In this book, Dr. Terence Palmer moves between the clinical evidence for the existence of spirits, on the one hand, and the search for a scientific conceptual model that can accommodate such phenomena, on the other. This book is an in-depth history of that search and argues for the model of mind and spirit developed by Cambridge scholar Frederic Myers, the 19th century co-founder of the British Society for Psychical Research. In this well-researched and well-reasoned work, Dr. Palmer offers psychology and psychiatry a scientific framework for recognizing and addressing metaphysical realities. The Science of Spirit Possession offers solid footing for those who are ready to look beyond the scientific materialism that holds us back.

    Thomas Zinser, Ed.D. - Author of Soul-Centered Healing

  4. Here is a link to a review of The Science of Spirit Possession written by Martha Jette for The Examiner,

    Thank you Martha.


  5. With The Science of Spirit Possession Dr Terence Palmer brings into sharp focus the reality that there are mental phenomena that we as therapists have to deal with in a practical way that cannot be sufficiently explained by today’s mechanistic scientific paradigm. In exploring the scientific framework of 19th century researcher F W H Myers’ comprehensive model of mind, and linking it with modern theories of quantum physics, hypnosis, spirit release therapy (SRT) and the traditional knowledge of Shamanism, past and present, Palmer provides a conceptional framework that is grounded in robust scientific theoretical principles that can accommodate therapeutic interventions that do work with phenomena that may be labeled as ‘paranormal’ on a solid, pragmatic foundation.

    Palmer elucidates the fact that just because some phenomena are sometimes labeled ‘paranormal’ it does not mean that we should reject them because of our own biased belief system and deny their impact on our patients’ subjective ‘reality’. Palmer supports and reinforces Myers’ contention that ‘everything that exists is normal’ and all that is needed is an expanded approach to what is ‘natural’ and a greater understanding that fits the beneficial outcomes of the practical work. Spirit Release Therapy is such an approach. Its powerful, and sometimes seemingly miraculous, results make it very clear that now is the time for an attitude to mental health that does not limit the exploration and use of our consciousness to models that are constrained solely within a neurological framework.

    Sven Heck – Transpersonal Regression Therapist / Hypnotherapist, Berlin

  6. A foreword by Archie Lawrie.

    It is to the detriment of mankind that a strange malady seems to affect many senior practitioners in virtually all professions. It takes the form of those people reaching the upper levels of their chosen careers and then purposely ignoring any fresh or new ideas that might upset the apple-carts with which they have been associated for so many years. Seniority, coupled with peer-pressure within a profession, can crush fresh or unusual research possibilities so easily!
    When new ideas of a controversial nature are put to such doyens then the shutters often come down rapidly and concepts that could be earth-shattering in the long run are never researched but are instead purposefully ignored. It is only too obvious that some senior professionals have neither the will nor the intellect to tackle unusual ideas. Fortunately, a trickle of far-seeing and open-minded people from the above ranks sooner or later emerges and it is they who are the mould-breakers; it is to them we are indebted. Dr Terence Palmer is one such person; one such author.
    Even a cursory glance at his work shows both the knowledge and open-mindedness of this author, and those qualities, coupled with the care that he takes with the minute details of his arguments, gives the reader as clear a picture of the psychic world and its amazing powers as any of us are going to get since the work of Frederic Myers.
    We are reminded that the period of history to which Myers belonged did not have the benefit of the highly technical knowledge concerning particle physics that is so widespread in our own times. With the arrival of ever-increasing understanding of the weird nature of quantum physics, this author sees clearly that our generation is far more likely to penetrate the mysteries surrounding psychic activity than any previous group.
    In December 2005 a prestigious American physicist who had been flown in to Glasgow as an invited lecturer, was bold enough to declare to his university audience:
    The speed of light is no longer considered a limiting factor in the conveying of information between sub-atomic particles. Twin entangled-particles having the capacity to do identical things simultaneously at either ‘side’ of the universe has become a reality that is slowly being understood!
    Eight years later, Professor Peter Higgs’ theory regarding the presence of ‘bosons’ in matter was declared proven. This theory explains why some matter appears to us as solid and having mass, while ‘boson-less’ matter exists in just the same way but can have no solidity.
    While Dr Palmer fully acknowledges that such complicated new scientific theories are not readily understandable, at the same time he has the wisdom to see that they must inevitably lead to a better understanding of all things of a psychical nature. ‘Paranormality’ may well turn out to be more normal than any of us have hitherto realised!
    I perceive this book to be not only a compendium of a vast number of exciting ideas and findings by many of the most knowledgeable psychical researchers since Victorian times, but also a classic example of a book that is able to be read comfortably, not only by dedicated researchers but also by most members of the general public who find themselves becoming increasingly interested in psychical matters.

    Archibald A. Lawrie, July 14th 2013
    President, The Edinburgh Society for Psychical Research
    Vice-President, The Scottish Society for Psychical Research
    Head of Research, The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, Edinburgh
    Author, Lecturer, Broadcaster, Advisor to the BBC for specific programmes

  7. Dear Dr. T. J. Palmer,
    I would like to contact you to get more information about this spirit release therapy, since I do have the impression that our son is affected... since almost two years he behaves as a shadow of himself, and his presence seems very dark, even his eyes and hair seems to be darker... where to could I write, whom could I contact ... thank you so much Kindest Regards Iris

    1. You may contact me on my web site at this url: