DFE - Dark Force Entity

Vampire's Kiss by Boris Vallego
Disbelief in the dark is no defence from it.

One day, at some time in  the future, institutionalized denial will be a thing of the past. Until that day arrives we will continue to be treated according to the misguided beliefs of those who put themselves in positions of power.

The second book in the trilogy, DFE - Dark Force Entity is written in the form of a novel that is inspired by true events. The third book in the trilogy, The Science of Spirit Possession, was written as a doctoral thesis, and provides the scientific evidence to support the ideas presented in The Tao of Natural Cycles and adds credibility to the narrative of DFE.
 DFE is currently under revision and will be available for pre-publishing reviews in the very near future. Anyone interested in writing a pre-publishing review should contact the author directly by email at palmert55@gmail.com and read the draft manuscript here.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this book The information contained will help further generations understand this topic better and continue to develop their knowledge with so much more to learn on this subject. May our future generations learn how to protect and think for themselves and develop the knowledge and skills needed to live strong and healthy lives.