The Tao of Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles and the Tao-Te-Ching

The Tao created the One
The One created the Two
The Two created the Three
The Three created Everything  (Lao Tzu 604-531 BC).

The Tao of Natural Cycles explains how our thoughts, feelings and behaviour, from an individual level to the collective consciousness of the whole of Mankind are influenced by natural cycles. This book will enable you to understand how the combined power of fear and greed are the causes of all human suffering, and offers insights and opportunities for all individuals to help reverse the negative spiral of self annihilation. For those who live with fear and anxiety this book offers an alternative and a bright light of hope for a joyful future.
This manuscript was first written in 1994, following the UK’s economic collapse of 1990-1991. The principles tackled in this book are unchanged, and this is why it is as relevant today as it was then.
Born from frustration with economic disaster and disillusionment with futile government interventions,  The Tao of Natural Cycles asks fundamental questions about how we came to be in such a mess and where we are headed in the future. The answers are surprising and demonstrate where rational scepticism and mysticism meet head on to provide a synthesis between modern science and profound spiritual experience. Here is prophesy with scientific clarity and access to Universal Knowledge.
When you need answers it is wise to ask the Universe. It will not lie to you. It is consciousness itself.
From the perspective of the Hidden Observer or the visitor from another world, The Tao of Natural Cycles seeks to know why the world of humans is so chaotic and at the same time why history repeats itself. These are his observations and his solutions for each individual and for the whole of Mankind.

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  1. Every act is motivated by either love or fear. Ask The Silent Witness how they work.